Becoming Great Software Developers

Becoming Great Software Developers
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One thing we expect from our team is that with experience we should be improving our skills. We should learn new technologies and techniques and get better at the ones we already know. We should be curious about what else it out there and learn about them so that when we need them, we don't find ourselves reinventing the wheel.

One question I often wonder about is: how do we become better software developers? Practice and learning are certainly critical elements. We should learn from one another and learn from others elsewhere. This post provides a few key areas that we believe software developers should focus on being great at, with links to posts that fill in the details and offer a range of perspectives. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, we recommend you review them. If you are towards the start of your career, these links can help you learn how to become an all-star software developer. If you are more experienced, this may be a good refresher.  If you find other categories that have helped you and you believe they will help others, please share them with us and we'll update this post.

How to Become a Great Software Developer

Creating Great Pull Requests

Great Logging

Writing Great Code

Great Design Thinking

Designing Great Systems and APIs